Buying Instagram Followers

It’s a prickly subject, but let’s talk about buying Instagram followers.

It used to be such that those with the most followers and likes got all of the attention on Instagram.  However, engagement plays a significant role in how the Instagram algorithm interprets your content.

Building a legitimate Instagram following is no small task, it takes significant time and effort…so the notion of purchasing likes and follows can be very tempting.  There are a couple different schools of thought on this one, but before we even get into the debate, let’s acknowledge a few things.

Instagram, like many of the social media platforms, uses an algorithm to determine the popularity of your post and based on the number of social interactions you receive they then determine where in the news feed to place your post. So, if your post garners several likes, comments and shares the almighty (and ever changing) algorithm deems you worthy of higher placement in the news feed. Which results in the less popular content being displayed in the news feed hours or even days later…if at all.

So if we apply this logic – more social interactions per post means a higher probability of having our post actually noticed – why wouldn’t you purchase followers and robo likes?Plus…it gives you ‘Social Proof’ right?!

Let me ask you this…what is it that you are trying to achieve with your Instagram account? Are you looking to convert qualified followers into business opportunities or are you simply looking to win first prize in the digital popularity contest?

If it’s the latter…then you should probably head on over to a “get followers for cheap” dot com website and purchase your desired number friendships. But beware…the probability of these new “friends” having any interest in your business whatsoever is slim to none and rarely do they stick around after the initial purchase.  However, if you are looking to build meaningful social relationships you need to focus on building this one aspect of your online existence…CONVERSION.

Let me put it this way, if you have 40,000 followers and you only receive on average 500 likes per post, you’ve effectively engaged approximately 1% of your audience. Assuming each of those 500 likes is actually a follower…but chances are that isn’t the case. So how is that a win from a business development perspective?

Whereas if you have a modest (but growing) page that consistently engages between 7-13% of your followers…wouldn’t you rather strategically develop that authentic audience? In fact, a recent white paper published by @HubSpot and @Latermedia had this to say:

“When an influencer has a high engagement rate, it means their followers are paying attention and taking action on their content. That’s why most businesses and Instagram agencies use engagement to evaluate who is an ideal influencer. Generally, you want to see an engagement rate of 2-3% on influencers’ posts. A ratio of 4-6% is excellent, while posts in the high tens and twenties are considered viral.”

How do you measure up? 

Developing your online presence is just as much work as managing treatment acceptance in your practice. It takes work…and lots of it.

The good news…there are services out there (like the ones noted above) that can help you genuinely build your brand.  You want genuine followers within your target demographic; just be sure to weigh all of the options. Your content posted needs to be visually appealing with a strong call to action, and a strategic lead generation plan to effectively measure the ROI of your social media efforts.

Trust me, (I tested the concept) the ‘social proof’ gained from purchasing followers and likes is as about as worthy as the ROI it generates…a big fat nothing.

If you are a brand savvy dental office looking to up your digital game, say hello (at) socialsnaps (dot) ca we’re happy to help!  @socialsnapscreative

Creatively Yours,


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